SlideRenu® a water slide repair, maintenance, and restoration company.

waterslideWater park owners and management are continually seeking new ways to maintain, improve and upgrade the curb appeal of water park attractions. SlideRenu® has developed a complete line of custom made water slide and water park maintenance products that protect and restore color-faded water slides and aquatic play features, bringing back the like new appearance and wet-look shine to:

  • Water Slides
  • Towers
  • Play Units
  • Play Features
  • Attractions

Our custom blended line of environmentally-friendly cleaners, waxes, polishes and scale removal products extend the life of your water park’s most vital assets.

All other water slide restoration companies use retail marine gelcoat as well as harmful cleaning products and solvent-based compounds and waxes. Such products have not been formulated to withstand long periods of chlorine water immersion, UV rays and surface abrasion from riders. Extended use of these products will permanently damage your slide surfaces.

SlideRenu® water slide coatings outlast gelcoat and epoxy paint.

waterslide Our solid ColorShield™ water slide restoration coating is manufactured with the most technically advanced polymer resins, inorganic pigments, UV blockers, adhesion promoters and gloss enhancers available in the coatings industry. Gelcoat and epoxy paints are "old technology" coatings and cannot be formulated to utilize these state-of-the-art ingredients which causes them to prematurely fade, discolor, chalk, crack, turn yellow and look dull within 1-2 years. ChloraShield™, our hydrophobic abrasion-resistant topcoat, is fortified with proprietary ingredients which helps reduce scale from building up on the interior side walls of the water slide, reducing maintenance costs.

With the appropriate surface preparation and primer, SlideRenu® coatings can be used on:

  • Fiberglass water slides
  • Concrete water slides
  • Polypropylene/plastic wet or dry slides
  • Fiberglass or metal aquatic play features
  • Metal and galvanized steel water slide towers

Water Slide Repair, Restoration and Repainting Services

SlideRenu before and after photo

In addition to water slide re-coating, SlideRenu® also offers a variety of and slide restoration services to ensure your water slides operate safely and efficiently throughout the entire season.

All of these water slide services come with a COMPLIMENTARY inspection report of any water slide we work on and FREE trial samples of our water slide maintenance products. Our team of Certified Applicators have been trained in the proper methods to perform all water slide repairs and have in-depth experience using all of our SlideRenu® water slide maintenance products.

Fiberglass Flume Repairs Fiberglass Seam RepairsJoint Re-caulking
Permanent Joint SealingInterior Descaling, Polishing & WaxingExterior Cleaning & Gloss Application
Slide Tower PaintingSlide Tower Stair Tread Cleaning, Replacement and FRPNon-slip Stair Strips
Safety Inspection PadsAnti-skid coatingsFRP Stairway Systems

sliderenu products

Our Products

All of our coatings come with a limited product guarantee against color fading, peeling, cracking, yellowing, oxidation and chalking no matter if you choose one of our standard colors or if you need a custom theme color.

sliderenu ecofriendly products

Environmentally Friendly

All of our water slide products are environmentally friendly, worker safe, and can be applied by your most trusted local painting contractor, internal maintenance staff, seasonal employees, or you can hire one of our experienced team of certified applicators who travel worldwide.

sliderenu products

Residential DIY Kits

Our residential DIY kits come with product and materials to resurface, rejuvenate, restore or repair your water slides. Each kit contains enough product for slides up to 20' in length. Our kits also include scrub pads, wax applicator, stir sticks, mixing cups, sanding mask, and gloves. You will only need to supply clean rags, a small foam roller, tray and lacquer thinner.