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Long-term wear and tear to your waterslides is inevitable; however your park’s most vital asset doesn’t have to show it. SlideCare has developed a specially-formulated line of waterslide maintenance products to keep water slides and aquatic play features looking LIKE-NEW from Opening Day and every day! Click here for a complete price list.

Are you using national brand products to clean and wax your slide? If so, you may be damaging your slide. Click here to download our Product Comparison Charts.

MSDS sheets are available upon request.



Scale Removers & Cleaners

For use on fiberglass, metal, plastic and concrete surfaces such as, but not limited to, water slides, aquatic and soft play features and water slide towers.



  • Low-PH concentrated ready-to-use formula removes calcium and hard water mineral deposits (white haze)
  • Prepares your slide for waxing, joint repairs or resurfacing
  • Environmental and worker safe organic salt formula that is stronger than most surface damaging acids
  • View the Calcitrol™ Product Data Sheet
  • Purchase Calcitrol™



Waxes and Protectants

For use on fiberglass, metal, plastic and concrete surfaces such as, but not limited to, water slides, aquatic and soft play features.







Wool Compounding Pad for use with SlidePolish

Foam Waxing Pad for use with SlideWax

 7” Variable Speed Polisher


Chlorine-Resistant Coatings

For use on all types of slide configurations with surfaces made of fiberglass, metal, plastic and concrete.

Color Shield UV4
ChloraShield UV115
ColorShield UV4™


 ChloraShield UV115™



For use on any type of water slide, open or closed, indoor or outdoors.

PermaJoint Sealer
PermaJoint Sealer


Perma-Joint Sealer™




PermaJoint Sealer
PermaJoint Sealer Dispensing Gun



  • Polyester glazing putty fills minor surface imperfections on fiberglass water slides
  • Use to repair gouges, scratches, spider-cracks and surface blemishes without the use of a mesh cloth
  • No shrinkage, fast drying and may be sanded/painted after one hour
  • Includes resin, hardener and plastic spreader
  • Purchase SlidePutty
  Dual Cartridge Dispensing Gun


For use on aluminum, concrete surfaces, steel and composite material features and water slide towers.





  • Brightens aluminum stair treads without tedious scrubbing
  • Easy to use spray-on/rinse-off mild etching cleaner
  • Deep penetrating foaming formula removes oxidation, dirt, grime and hard-to-remove surface contaminants
  • Keeps stair treads looking like new the entire season
  • View the StairBrite™ Product Data Sheet
  • Purchase StairBrite™



  • Black slip resistant safety tape fits standard 1 1/2” OEM aluminum slide tower stair treads
  • Also available in a variety of colors and widths (call for pricing)
  • Suitable for stairs, pool decks, ladders and diving board platforms
  • Tolerates pressure washing, resists chlorine water and most cleaners
  • Extra strength contact adhesive prevents “edge curl”
  • Just cut to desired length, peel off protective backing and firmly apply
  • View the StairTape™ Product Data Sheet
  • Purchase StairTape™


Landing Pad


  • Chlorine-resistant polyolefin pebble material
  • Hygenic & fungistatic; does not contain a nutritive medium to support mold and fungi growth
  • Will not crack or fade under exposure to chorine and UV rays
  • Slip-resistant for water slide landings, wading pools and spray parks
  • No anchor bolts! Installs with waterproof adhesive
  • Standard sizes: 3'x5' and 4'x6'
  • Also available in custom sizes and colors
  • Quantity discount available, call for pricing
  • View the SlidePad™ Product Data Sheet
  • Purchase SlidePad™

Hardware Kit

  • OEM grade
  • 1-1/2" long bolts
  • Set includes 6 lock washers, 6 hex nuts, 12 flat washers
  • Purchase Bolt Set

Daily Maintenance Log Book

For use on all types and configurations of water slides.

Commerical DIY Water Slide Resurfacing Kits

Slide Renu slide kit contents

SlideRenu Residential Kits


Residential DIY Water Slide Resurfacing Kits





































































































About SlideCare, LLC
SlideCare, LLC is an innovative specialty slide care maintenance company that provides proprietary restoration coatings, maintenance products and application services that refinish, protect and rejuvenate dull color faded water slides and aquatic play features. The company also offers a variety of cleaning and coating solutions for fiberglass, plastic, metal and wood that maintain and beautify dry and wet amusement ride attractions.

Limited Warranty
SlideCare, LLC
products are guaranteed up to 5 years against excessive color fading, chalking, peeling, cracking or blistering when applied under the supervision of a SlideCare, LLC representative. For further details, please refer to the Limited Product Warranty.

Applied by Your Trusted Local Painting Contractor
Two-thirds of all coating applications fail due to inadequate surface preparation and improper application procedures. SlideCare, LLC has developed a variety of proprietary surface preparation and cleaning products as well as application procedures, and offers on-site advisory services to your internal maintenance staff or your local painting contractor. Who better to trust than your own maintenance staff or your local painting contractor to apply our coatings?

For more in-depth information, contact SlideCare, LLC’s Technical Service Department at 440.930.2490 or email at

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